Your Only Limit is You

You probably already know deep in your heart that the only real limits you have are the ones that you have created in your mind. But, in case you’ve forgotten, I’ll remind you. Fears, worries, doubts, bad experiences and more are like barriers that are hard for everyone to climb over, however, if you allow them to hold you back, you can’t move forward. You could go around them, or over them, but. that often takes a lot of effort. Instead, it’s actually easier to just let go. Realize there are just some things that won’t change around you, your only in control of your actions and reactions. Choose to change how you react. You may have to forgive, forget, limit exposure to various people, or things that are holding you back, which are hard things to do. However, when you let go, the self created barriers will melt away and you’ll see clearly again that the only real limit is you.

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