Poem for Change

Change is a word that carries great weight, A daunting task that many fear to undertake. But with courage and determination in your heart, You can take the first step and make a new start.

The road ahead may seem steep and long, But with each step, you’ll grow brave and strong. With every challenge that comes your way, You’ll find the strength to face it and seize the day.

For change is not just a one-time event, But a journey of growth that never truly ends. With each decision, each choice you make, You’ll find the power within yourself to create.

To change your life, to transform your fate, To break free from the chains that hold you in place. To reach for the stars and chase your dreams, To embrace the unknown and explore new themes.

So take that step, make that leap, Find the courage within you to rise and meet, The challenges that come your way, And make a difference every day.

For change begins with a single choice, To follow your heart and find your voice. To be the change that you wish to see, And live a life that’s truly free.

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