Fill in the blanks to create positive sentences to help feel your thoughts with happiness and joy.

  1. I feel a burst of happiness whenever I __________.
  2. Today, I find joy in __________.
  3. One of my happiest memories involves __________.
  4. I can’t help but smile when I think about __________.
  5. Experiencing __________ always fills my heart with joy.
  6. The simple pleasure of __________ brings me so much happiness.
  7. I am most joyful when I’m __________.
  8. One thing that always cheers me up is __________.
  9. I find immense joy in __________.
  10. A recent moment of happiness for me was __________.
  11. My favorite way to spread joy is by __________.
  12. I am grateful for the joy that __________ brings into my life.
  13. Seeing or hearing __________ makes me incredibly happy.
  14. A perfect day for me includes __________.
  15. I embrace happiness by __________.
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