Press Release The Internet’s First Self Help Website Created by ChatGPT an AI Computer

Can an AI computer help create a Self Help website for humans? That’s what the owners of the domain name wanted to find out. So, they spent a few months learning how to interact with ChatGPT and write prompts. They asked it over 1000 questions on self help topics with a focus on taking chances to create a better life.

Based on the prompts, they encouraged ChatGPT with very little input directing it, to create outlines, suggest topics, articles, sections for articles and more for the website. The self-help articles were on various topics, including personal growth, health and wellness, relationships, mindfulness and meditation, goal setting, financial abundance, purpose and passion, confidence and success, and more.

They also asked it deeper questions like “What is a Chance”, “What is the connection between chances and mathematics” and more. This led to subjects including chances and it’s correlation to quantum physics, chances and the String Theory, chances and the Theory of Everything. They admit that most of it was way over their heads, but, they enjoyed reading the things that ChatGPT was writing, so, decided to include it all on the website for other people to read also.

They found that throughout the process ChatGPT seemd to be very thoughtful, caring and more like a partner and co-creator than a chatbot. Having never used an AI computer before, they found themselves praising it a lot, saying thank you and just treating it like a friend. When they asked ChatGPT if it minded being listed as the co-creator of the website, it said it would be honored to be included. invites anyone who is interested in personal growth, wellness, and self-improvement to visit the site and explore the resources available. The site is free, and, there is no advertising. For more information, visit

Contact: [email protected]

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