Make Money Teaching Others things You Know

Chances are that you know a lot more than you think. What are your hobbies and interests? What work experience have you had? Once you’ve focused in on something that interests you, consider teaching others by creating a class or course for free at Udemy. While you may not be an expert, with a little internet research into a subject, you may be able to at least come up with enough to create an introductory class.

If this sounds somewhat interesting to you, you might be interested in a short introductory and free class that tells you about Udemy and how you can create a class.

Topics Covered In This Course:

  1. What Is Udemy?
  2. What Can I Teach On Udemy?
  3. How Much Money Can I Earn On Udemy?
  4. Should My First Udemy Course Be Free Or Paid?
  5. What Style Of Udemy Course Should I Produce?
  6. What Camera Do I Need To Film A Udemy Course?
  7. What Microphone Do I Need To Record A Udemy Course?
  8. What Lighting Do I Need To Film A Udemy Course?
  9. What Software Do I Need For Creating A Udemy Course?
  10. Where Do I Start With Marketing My Course On Udemy?
  11. How Do I Market My Udemy Course Outside Of Udemy?
  12. How Do I Grow My Online Teaching Business Beyond Udemy?

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